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People from all walks of life coming together without letting race, age or politics get in the way.

Experience it now with Kingdom Believers Church and Fellowship!


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Connect with the community…

A healthy faith community is important. That’s why KBCF strives to:


Marquis (Wash. D.C.)

We are praying for Marquis’ mental wellness.

Tyree (Virginia)

We are praying for improvement in Tyree’s financial situation.

Ruby (Maryland)

We are praying for Ruby to have a closer walk with God.

Lisa (Maryland)

We are praying for Lisa’s boldness and discernment to pray for others. Also, a closer walk with the Lord and to be an example for her children.

Gwyn (Maryland)

We are praying for the healing of Gwyn’s health conditions.

Carmalette (West Virginia)

We are praying for the healing of Carmalette’s health conditions.

Angie (Maryland)

We are praying for Angie and family in their time of bereavement (Nov. ’22).

Janet (Maryland)

We are praying for the healing of Janet’s health conditions.

Elouise (Maryland)

We are praying for the healing of Elouise’s health conditions.

Tolliver Family (Wash. D.C.)

We are praying for the comfort of the family in their time of loss/bereavement.

Connect With Us

Our faith community is on the go like you. Visit our community “web app” to join our messaging platform. Click on “Join KBCF Messaging”, and enter your info so that we can better serve you!

Volunteer And Outreach

Step up and help in the community with us. We go out and bless others while representing Christ. Choose a V&O effort below:

"Thinking of You" Food Give Away

Receive or help distribute food to those who need a helping hand. Join us for worship service on the third Sunday of the month and hang around afterwards to participate.

Become A KBCF Ambassador TODAY!

Tell others about KBCF and what we are doing to bless people near and far. When we are notified that you made someone aware we will bless that person and YOU!

First, request to join our mobile messaging community by visiting www.mykbcf.fyi and completing the “Join KBCF Messaging” form. It should take 30 seconds or less.

Next wait for confirmation from our administrative team. Someone will contact you.

Then, start sharing! Tell your family, friends and neighbors about Kingdom Believers Church & Fellowship and have them tell us what you shared with them. We’ll take it from there! It’s that easy!


"In The Community TV" Volunteer (Coming Soon)

KBCF partners with In The Community TV, a community and veteran focused organization, designed to assist former members of the U. S. Military. Become a volunteer and train in the film and media industry.

You can watch a featured preaching/teaching video here! Click “View The Videocast!” to see broadcast countdown at top.

…Then come back when the broadcast is live, click the “View The Videocast!” button above, enter your first name and enjoy!

“Next Steps” Made Easy

Are you brand new to the family of God or looking for a church home? KBCF may be a good fit for you!

  • We emphasize fellowship and relationship first. Discipleship/Membership can come later.
  • We intentionally embrace and love your entire family–from the youngest child to the oldest adult.
  • Here’s what to do to become an active part of KBCF:

Tell us where you are on your faith journey and understand what it means to become a believer/disciple of Jesus Christ.

Onboard and create your faith foundation.

Discover your God-given gifts and identify with a KB-Group. We’ll help you be the best believer you can be!

Go out, volunteer, do outreach and find the best place to use your newly discovered gifts. Others will follow your lead!

KBCF is currently thriving using a “hybrid” approach to worship, fellowship and discipleship. We gather in person on FIRST and THIRD Sundays and we use technology to come together on SECOND and FOURTH Sundays. Save the dates below and join us anytime this month!

OK, Now It’s Your Turn!


We’d love to hear from you, pray for you and help you plan a visit. Enter and send your info below!