Welcome to the body of Christ! The Faith Foundation class you are about to go through is designed to give you a rock solid foundation of teaching that you must have in order to be a spiritually healthy, confident, and victorious believer as you live and grow in the Lord.

You will learn the basic doctrines of the Christian faith and when you are finished you will not only know WHAT we believe but WHY we believe it. Now please be sure and take your time so that you lay a proper faith foundation! 

Module 1 Introduction Part 1: Am I In The Faith?
Lesson 1 Am I In The Faith?  
Module 2 Introduction Part 2: I Am A Believer
Lesson 1 I Am A Believer  
Module 3 Introduction Part 3: Being Equipped For The Work Of Ministry
Lesson 1 Introduction  
Module 4 God
Lesson 1 Part 1: God  
Module 5 The Bible
Lesson 1 Part 1: The Bible  
Module 6 Man
Lesson 1 Part 1: Man  
Module 7 Sin
Lesson 1 Part 1: Sin  
Module 8 Christ
Lesson 1 Part 1: Christ  
Module 9 The New Birth
Lesson 1 Part 1: The New Birth