Our Culture and Calling

Kingdom Believers Church and Fellowship (KBCF) is a gospel believing, people focused, gathering of God’s children that strives to be and become the best representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ that we can.

Our Culture is to emphasize healthy, loving relationships; prayer, fasting as well as powerful preaching and practical teaching. We believe this will best empower our fellowship partners and members in their daily living.

Our Calling is centered around our…

Vision: To bring individuals into a healthy, saving relationship with Jesus Christ and help them become believers who are Christ-centered, Bible-based and Spirit-Led.

Mission: To be a mission-minded people who go out witnessing to and evangelizing unbelievers with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the kingdom, teaching them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Purpose: To execute our Vision and Mission. We exist to be the body of Christ and do what the Lord has called His body to do.

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