Our Committed Servants

Lionel A. Hudnell

His Genesis

Pastor Lionel Hudnell grew up in a family of six and was raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Since answering the call to salvation, Pastor Hudnell has served in different capacities in ministry including an usher, trustee, and the office of Deacon before accepting his calling to preaching and pulpit ministry all in the same church.

His Gifting

Pastor Hudnell is known for preaching and teaching the Word of God with power and insight. He believes strongly in fasting and praying as well as studying the Scripture verse by verse.

His Grounding

Pastor Hudnell receives the encouragement and support he needs for ministry from his wife and family. They keep him well grounded and are a constant reminder to keep his priorities right and that charity starts at home.

Ministry Milestones:

  • 1998 to 2000– Accepted his call to preach the gospel while serving at Greater Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Dr. D. Lee Owens. Later ordained an Elder in the gospel ministry (Zion Baptist Church/Zion Church) and later appointed to serve as Executive Pastor when the church became Temple of Praise Church and moved to Largo, MD
  • 2001– Organized Abounding Grace Church
  • 2004– Joined in covenant with Bishop Eugene V. Reeves of New Life Anointed Ministries International in Woodbridge, VA and the International Community of Christian Churches
  • 2011 – Continued in covenant ministry with the International Communion of Evangelical Churches (I.C.E.C.), Bishop Harry R. Jackson, International Presiding Prelate and Bishop Eugene Reeves 2nd Presiding Prelate.
  • 2015– Bishop Eugene Reeves launches the Eagle’s Rock Communion of Christian Leaders (E.R.C.C.L.) and appoints Pastor Hudnell to the position of Chaplain.
  • 2017 – Restructured, reorganized, and recommitted the ministry as Kingdom Believers Church and Fellowship.

Lisa R. Hudnell

Lady Lisa was raised in a family of six in the Washington D. C. area. She attended D. C. Public Schools and went on to graduate from Howard University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. She has enjoyed a very accomplished career in the federal government working as a human resource specialist for several agencies and continues to leverage her customer service experience and people skills as she exercises her gifts of exhortation and encouragement in building the kingdom of God.

Lady Lisa has a long history in doing the work of the ministry. She has sang in several choirs and gospel groups down through the years and served in various ways in ministry leadership before and after marrying. Today she works along side Pastor Hudnell within the KBCF family doing whatever is necessary to be a blessing to others.